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PAM® Cooking Spray is helpful in every situation in the kitchen. From cooking tips to grilling tips, PAM has you covered!

  • Happiness is in the pan

    If you want to make hot cereal or custard in a pan, first spray it with PAM.

  • Break the mold!

    Love the retro gelatine mold? Unstick your next creation with a quick spray of PAM.

  • Get out of sticky situations

    Sweet on the taste of honey, but not the sticky mess? Smooth out this love affair with a quick spray of PAM on your measuring cup and utensils.

  • What a treat!

    A spray of PAM in your pan will make cleaning up rice cereal squares a real treat.

  • The proof is in the pan

    Need proof of what PAM can do for you? Spray a bowl with it before proofing bread.

  • Skillet, meet PAM.

    Introduce your skillet to PAM and make friends with meat that slides off the pan.

  • Wrap Superstar

    To keep aluminum wrap from sticking, there’s nothing better than PAM!

  • Use PAM instead

    Give your dishes what they really want. A touch of PAM works as a substitute for any fat or flour you’d normally use.

  • Fast Cleanup of your Slow Cooker

    If you spray some PAM on them first, you’ll see how easy it is to clean your slow cookers and saucepans!

  • Pull off a flavourful BBQ

    Flavour shouldn’t get stuck on the grill. Spray your barbeque with PAM before you turn up the heat, to keep all that flavour stuck on the meat.

  • Farewell Filth

    Say goodbye to filthy grills! Just a touch a PAM dissolves grime easily.

  • It can take the heat!

    No matter how you like your steak, this spray can take the heat! And as with all our products, you won’t sacrifice flavour. Try it on meats, vegetables and seafood next time you fire up the barbeque.

  • Spray away

    Save time, eliminate the mess and the two-step process of greasing and flouring by using PAM® Baking to spray your cookie sheets, cake and muffin pans. The flour is already in it!

  • Cookie cutter perfection

    Ever used a cookie cutter only to have the dough stick to it? When you spray your cookie cutters with PAM® Baking, you’re just left with perfectly shaped cookies every time!

  • Great grating

    If your recipe calls for grated cheese, spray your grater with PAM® Baking so it slides across the grater with ease. And it’ll be easier to clean up too!

  • Put in a little pudding

    Use PAM® Baking to make your favourite vanilla cupcakes. After they’ve been baked, scoop out the centres and fill them with Snack Pack® Vanilla Pudding for a delicious treat.

  • Nooks and crannies? No problem

    When you spray PAM® Baking on your bakeware, it easily covers each and every spot so nothing sticks and even the most detailed designs come out perfectly every time.

  • Toothpick test

    Wondering if your cakes or bar cookies are done? Test them by sticking a toothpick in the centre. It should come out clean or with just a few crumbs on it.

  • Get colourful

    To decorate cupcakes with different coloured frosting, take a batch of vanilla frosting and separate it into smaller bowls, then add food colouring to get the colours you want.

  • Go nuts

    Chopped nuts add great flavour and crunch to cookies but if you’re chopping nuts in the food processor, be sure to spray it with PAM® Baking beforehand to make cleaning up a breeze.